Hassan Hajjaj Solo Show
  22 November'17 - 29 November'17

event summary

Date:  22 November 2017 - 29 November 2017

Time:  7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Category:  Art

Venue:  Al Riwaq Art Space

Admission:  Free Entry

event Details

Al Riwaq Art Space will be exhibiting the works of the Moroccan-British contemporary artist Hassan Hajjaj, featuring a curated selection of his series La Salle de Gym es Femmes Arabes.

The show represents Hassan Hajjaj’s depiction of Arab women at the gym. It was presented at The Third Line Gallery as Hassan Hajjaj’s third solo show in Dubai. Selected artwork from this series will be exhibited for the first time in Bahrain.

The women presented in this photographic series are acquaintances of Hajjaj’s, meant to represent characters of his imagination. They are dressed in athletic gear from popular brand names with traditional textiles which the artist put together himself.

Call 17 717441.

Event Location

Al Riwaq Art Space, Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, Manama, Bahrain

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17 717441

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