Rhythm And Melody
  17 October'17 - 17 October'17

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Date:  17 October 2017 - 17 October 2017

Time:  7:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Category:  Entertainment

Venue:  La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa

Admission:  Paid Entry (Fee: BHD 10.000)

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Take a look at the history and traditions of Spanish folk music and dance with the screening of Flamenco Flamenco. The film depicts an evolutionary musical journey through the light, song and dance of a dynamic and alive art form.

It is directed by legendary Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura and beautifully photographed by famous Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. Showcasing a powerful new Flamenco through dazzling musical and dance performances by emerging talents and the greatest living Flamenco masters, this unique musical odyssey reaches beyond the borders of Spanish culture towards a universal artistic expression.

The screening starts at 7pm. Priced at BD10+, the ticket’s value can be used as credit at the restaurant (which starts serving from 6pm) on the same evening.

Call 17 230-123, email info@lafontaineartcentre.net or visit www.lafontaineartcentre.net

When? October 17
Event? Movie Night
Venue? La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

Event Location

La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art & Spa, Road No 639, Manama, Bahrain

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