Track Action!
  15 September'17 - 15 September'17

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Date:  15 September 2017 - 15 September 2017

Time:  4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Category:  Sports

Venue:  Bahrain International Circuit

Admission:  Paid Entry (Fee: BHD 35.000)

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There’s plenty going on at Bahrain International Circuit this month. If you’ve ever fancied getting behind the wheel of a turbo-boosted sports car, then the Renault Clio Cup Experience is an excellent choice. You can take part in lead-follow format with a professional driver or join in as a passenger for the co-pilot experience.

The Open Track offers a thrill for all drivers. All cars need to be in roadworthy condition to take part, with no leaks or body damage. Officials at the event will assess your car’s suitability. You will also need to have an internationally recognised driver’s licence.

The Radical SR3 Passenger Ride is great for amateurs and enthusiasts. The ultimate thrill comes only with the ultimate sports car and this is one mean machine that could qualify for a speed record of its own. Prices vary depending on the experience and package.

Call 17 450-000.

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Bahrain International Circuit, Southern Governorate, Bahrain

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17 450-000

Sporting Spectacular

25, Sat,  Nov'17

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