100 Bahrainis to be Trained on Digital and E-commerce

by BTM

Fri, 07 October 2022

bahrain new business updates 2022

E-commerce platform in Bahrain,, will be launching an initiative to train 100 Bahrainis in the field of E-commerce and equip them with necessary knowledge and skills. 

The initiative is part of the platform’s efforts to integrate more local talent in the thriving sector while supporting Bahrain’s efforts to undergo a digital transformation, and create a knowledge economy.

“The programme has been tailored to ensure that all trainees master the foundations and skills of practicing e-commerce based on the most recent global data. Hence, the programme will include theoretical and practical sessions, projects, internal and external participation, and six months of on-the-job training,” explains Homiez Chief Digital Officer, Sadiq Abdul Rasool.

Participants will be trained by Homiez dedicated teams which includes professionals in programming, design, research, marketing and communication among other areas. Details for the course including timings, registration procedures and requirements will be announced at a later date.