A Focus on Bahrain’s Training Needs

by BTM

Wed, 02 February 2022

A Focus on Bahrain’s Training Needs

The Bahrain Society of Private Training Institutes (BSPTI) is conducting a national study of Bahrain’s training requirements at the individual and corporate levels. The research intends to create a qualitative leap in the performance of Bahraini training institutes and assist them in adopting the latest technology for training.

Experts and specialists are currently working on writing the final recommendations of the comprehensive study which covered different productive sectors. The study includes the opinion of human resource managers, stakeholders in the training sector in government and private institutions, and jobseekers.

“BSPTI will ensure that training institutes implement these recommendations to develop the training process. This will be done through the content of training courses by harnessing modern technologies in training, including electronic training. These recommendations will be presented to stakeholders in the training sector in Bahrain, including the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the Education and Training Quality Assurance Authority and Tamkeen Labour Fund,” says Chairman of the Society, Nawaf Al Jishi.

Part of the study focuses on the issue of apprenticeship, which includes theoretical and practical training programmes to learn trades and professions in different industries, and how to encourage more Bahraini youth to enter professional and craft fields, in addition to the best mechanisms for providing appropriate qualifications to obtain practicing licenses professions.