A Visionary Businessman

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

Bhaskaran K. Edathody is an experienced business professional

Bhaskaran K. Edathody is an experienced business professional and has spent four decades in the chemical industry of Saudi Arabia, rising to the position of Director of the Gulf Desert Chemical Company. He has recently established a Bahrain-based business, Adler Westpoint, so Bahrain This Month caught up with him to find out more.

Mr. Edathody’s career began after graduating from the University of Calicut with a B. Com degree in 1980, when he became an executive in Tulsiani Chambers, Mumbai. In 1982, he was offered the role of Executive Secretary in TRADCO, Saudi Arabia, which is when he relocated overseas, and gained more comprehensive knowledge of business and administration. After a year, he joined RAWABI, where he stayed for 28 years before a stint as Divisional Manager at ERAM Trading and Contracting, which led to his role as Director of Business Services at GDC.

GDC is an integrated chemical company which describes itself as passionate about supplying high quality chemical and petrochemical products and services. GDC’s business started by stocking and supplying various grades of Drilling Admixtures and has developed to now cover the cycle from sourcing and procuring, formulation and manufacturing, packaging and refilling, warehousing and logistics, as well as technical support. 

One of the cornerstones to Mr Edathody’s success is his approach to leadership. “Transparency and integrity, encouraging innovation and creativity while promoting health and safety at the workplace are the guiding values of my leadership philosophy,” he says. 

“Our broad vision is driven by people who are our greatest asset. Fairness, transparency, accountability and ethics are the main elements of our corporate governance structured to achieve the business purpose efficiently and fairly for all stakeholders. Our team is always working on improving customer experience. Since our customers have put faith and trust in our services, we always try to create a win-win situation under a give and take policy.

“Ultimately, persistence and perseverance is the key. Have faith and keep working towards your goals while trusting the process. It will happen soon. Slow and steady wins the race,” he says.

Mr. Edathody has used his wisdom and experience to establish Adler Westpoint. The company was set up with the intention to provide professional, direct B2B marketing and sales support services and proficient assistance to SME’s and corporate entities in the Kingdom.

“Recent studies show that 80 percent of Bahrain’s economic map consists of SME’s run with three-to-10 employees per organisation,” he explains. “We intend to provide highly effective services for a very nominal cost in order to reduce the financial burden on such companies and help them to increase their stronghold over their line of trade. Sharing more than 20 years of corporate business experience between the directors, companies can be assured that they are dealing with one of the best business teams in the Kingdom.”

Considering his extensive experience within the industry, Mr. Edathody is in the perfect position to offer advice to budding industry leaders.

“Be customer-friendly and passionate, know your market, be prepared with your finances and most importantly, keep them in order,” he proposes. “Sometimes you are required to make sacrifices, so be prepared for them too. Partner with your suppliers and customers, be flexible and delegate authority wherever and whenever required.”