Amakin Receives ‘Best Rebrand For A Digital Property’ Award

by BTM

Sat, 02 July 2022

Best Rebrand For A Digital Property in Bahrain

Bahrain Car Parks Company (Amakin) B.S.C. and Epic Lion, a brand and digital design agency, have been awarded the Gold Award for the ‘Best Rebrand of a Digital Property’ for 2022 by the Transform Awards MEA - the only awards programme awarding the best brand work in the region. 

The ‘Best Rebrand of a Digital Property’ award acknowledges the best rebrand across an organisation’s digital and online assets, including its websites and digital applications. In 2021, Bahrain Car Parks unveiled its new brand Amakin, expanding on the company’s 40-year pioneering tradition. The award celebrates Amakin’s rebrand meticulously executed by Epic Lion, which was recently launched in the Middle East by the creative duo, Ramzi Moutran and Scott Clephane. The agency has offices in London, Dubai, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The agency has been selected to develop high-level projects from leading companies in the Kingdom including Amakin and Tamkeen. In the second quarter of 2021, Epic Lion was entrusted with transitioning Bahrain Car Parks from a traditional bricks and mortar firm to a brand that delivers on the present - paving the way for new mobility experiences in the region.