Bahrain First Health Conference

by BTM

Tue, 01 October 2019

bahrain first health conference

The National Health Regulatory Authority, which provides healthcare in the Kingdom, is holding the First Bahrain Health Regulatory Conference 2019, over three days from November 28-30.

It will be supported by various government health entities, the private sector and other professional, industry-related societies and will feature an exhibition showcasing stakeholders as well as keynote speakers, lecture presentations, panel discussions, networking and workshops on health regulation schemes in addition to providing business opportunities for investors in the healthcare industry.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Health, HE Lt Gen Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa says: “There have been a lot of transformations in health regulations introducing various systems such as in insurance, technology and others. Health regulations are a hot topic which all stakeholders have to look at, interact and do their best to comply with. The conference will provide a place and platform for the stakeholders to learn the best applications, opportunities, issues and what the role of everybody is in providing a solution.”

NHRA’s first conference aims to discuss and explore the regional and global health regulation schemes, bringing together healthcare providers, the pharmaceutical industries, healthcare organisations, patient safety, medical educators and accreditation standard experts from the region and the globe to share insights on implementing and managing health regulations.