Batelco’s Subsidiary Sure to Acquire Airtel-Vodafone

by BTM

Sun, 06 November 2022

Batelco’s Subsidiary Sure to Acquire Airtel-Vodafone

Batelco (Ticker: BATELCO), announced that its subsidiary Sure has agreed to buy Airtel-Vodafone - a mobile network provider located in Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The merger will trigger significant investment in the Islands’ digital infrastructure including the introduction of the latest 5G technology to the islands. 

Sure is investing in building high-quality mobile networks which will improve coverage and complements Sure’s fiber networks. The merger supports Sure’s strategy to grow in scale and scope, in line with Batelco’s international investments aspirations.

Batelco CEO, Mikkel Vinter, says: “As part of our International Investments strategy, we continuously seek out opportunities for the growth and development of our overseas businesses. Sure has continued to deliver strong performance, and the merger with Airtel-Vodafone supports the ambition to grow its mobile networks and deliver new and enhanced digital services for its customers.”

The proposed merger is subject to regulatory approval in both: Guernsey and Jersey.