BNET Launches ‘Itqan’ Professional Programme

by BTM

Sat, 04 February 2023

Bnet Bahrain

Bahrain Network (BNET) has launched the ‘Itqan’ professional programme that aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of fiber optic network services delivery in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The programme aims to ensure the security of the telecommunications infrastructure and raise the level of readiness by proactively verifying the accuracy and efficiency of records and systems of the fibre network. This is in addition to performing detailed physical verification of the fibre network across Bahrain, which will contribute to reducing the potential delays in services delivery.

Acting Director of Passive Access Network, Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mahmood, said: “BNET is eager to provide the telecommunications sector with specialised national expertise through this initiative, with the goal of supporting the initiatives of the economic recovery plan for telecommunications by increasing the percentage of Bahrainisation.”

BNET is keen on training a team of 40 Bahraini engineering graduates through this programme,  in order to enrich their knowledge, provide them with practical training, and develop skills that will contribute to the development of the Bahraini youth’s skills so they may be ready to assume leadership positions in the future.