Cityscape Bahrain 2023

by BTM

Mon, 30 October 2023

Cityscape Bahrain 2023

The Cityscape Bahrain Exhibition and Conference 2023 will be hosted in the Kingdom for the second consecutive year. One of the highlights of the real estate industry’s calendar, it will take place at Exhibition World Bahrain from November 14-16 and this year the theme is Sustainability and Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector.

Hosted by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Cityscape Bahrain offers an outstanding environment that enables communication with developers, architects and influential figures in the real estate sector, showcasing the largest and most innovative real estate projects in the region under one roof.

The exhibition is part of the Kingdom’ efforts to enhance the sector in line with the ambitious plans to diversify the economy towards non-oil sectors, in accordance with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. It is taking place at a time when the industry is witnessing tangible and rapid technological advancements. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the real estate market in the region, including innovative projects that incorporate the latest sustainable technologies for the future. The conference is also being supported by several government entities and features more than 20 hours of content provided by 30 speakers who will address a range of topics focused on sustainability and digital transformation. The list of speakers includes prominent figures in the real estate sector, including executives, government officials, architects, consultants and others. They will offer insightful perspectives on key topics that are increasing in importance in shaping future markets. 

In addition to the conference, the Cityscape Bahrain exhibition will take visitors on a fruitful journey into the heart of the real estate market in the region. This exhibition serves as a meeting point for investors, industry specialists and enthusiasts, providing an exceptional platform for communication with leading figures. 

Cityscape Bahrain also aims to enhance its position as a leading exhibition featuring the latest luxury residential projects, as well as providing promising investment opportunities for those interested in expanding their portfolios, with a diverse range of options ranging from large-scale projects to individual units.

Last year’s exhibition achieved tangible success, receiving 10,000 projects and selling 689 properties within four days, with a total value of BD101m. Additionally, seven new real estate projects in the Kingdom were introduced during the exhibition.

This year promises to be even bigger, and Cityscape Bahrain 2023 represents an important step that reaffirms Bahrain’s commitment to accelerating growth and development in the real estate sector at the local and regional levels.