Decades of Excellence

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

Verminex Bahrain Decades of Excellence

Since it began trading in Bahrain 44 years ago, Verminex has grown to be the leading pest management company in the Kingdom. Prime locations including the Bahrain International Airport, high-end hospitality venues and food manufacturing companies make use of its services. We learn about its UK ties and the reasons for its success over the years.

Since establishing a UK presence in Bahrain, Verminex has grown to be the largest and preferred pest control company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company prides itself in its fair and honest approach to trading, and places utmost importance on valuing and rewarding its staff – key elements which make the UK brand stand out from others in the country.

Verminex was established in the UK in 1937. It grew to be an established UK servicing company when biology graduate David Nubel joined in 1968 after a 10-year career in pest control with a company called Rentokil. 

In 1979, Verminex was approached to set up pest control in Bahrain and Mr. Nubel was dispatched by the Chairman (the grandfather of the company’s UK Director Julie Ouston) to appraise the potential.

A meeting with the purchasing manager responsible for the labour camps for the King Fahad causeway project sealed the deal. In October 1979, Derek Hidden joined the company from Ciba-Geigy in Saudi Arabia and the company started trading under the sponsorship of its current Bahraini partner, Abbas Mahmood Alireza. Mr. Hidden was joined briefly by Brian ‘Budget Brian’ Davis from Verminex UK, but Derek tragically died in a car accident in 1980. Following his demise, Simon Barton joined from Rentokil UK to run the company from offices in Sitra.

Verminex employee, Mario Rodrigues, was promoted to the position of General Manager and ran the operations from the company’s showroom and office in Alawadiya until his tragic fatal heart attack.

Mr. Davis then rejoined the company briefly and recruited Anthony Manabat as his assistant. It soon became clear that Mr. Manabat was a man of many talents. Hence, he went to the UK and attended the British Pest Control Association training course and successfully qualified.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was negatively affecting the world, he made his impact in the company and Kingdom as he pioneered its disinfection division. Under his guidance and leadership, Verminex has grown to be the leading pest management company in Bahrain. 

The success of Verminex over the years has been largely due to their innovation through the introduction of new products and techniques sourced from the UK, EU and USA. Bower, the leading fly killer machine brand in the UK, is among the British brand names that Verminex represents in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, the company’s service staff attend weekly training sessions as the company’s General Manager, Anthony Manabat, has a passion for getting it right first time. 

Due to its reliability and reputation built over the years, Verminex now provides its services to major clients including the Bahrain International Airport, Gulf Air, four- and five-star hotels, and major food processing and manufacturing companies such as Arla and Mondelez. The company now has a team of 40 service staff and 20 support staff, many of whom are young enthusiastic Bahrainis. The company also proudly engages in community support activities including the sponsorship of the Philippine Basketball League and various church activities in the Kingdom.