Fueling Sustainable Growth

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

Fueling Sustainable Growth

The Chairman of the Bahrain Society of Training Institutes Nawaf Al-Jishi, has emphasised the importance of training citizens to take on leadership positions in companies and institutions. 

“As the primary resource of Bahrain, human resources must be considered the most valuable asset. Therefore, their development through rigorous training programmes and increased presence in the labour market must be made a priority. This can be achieved both quantitatively, by raising the percentage of Bahrainisation, and qualitatively, by ensuring that a greater number of Bahrainis hold leadership positions,” explains Mr. Al-Jishi.

He believes that Bahrain stands out in the region due to its long-standing tradition of cultivating highly-skilled professionals who play a crucial role in the Kingdom’s economic development and diversification efforts. Bahrain’s banking sector, which has thrived since the 1970s, and major industrial companies like Alba and GPIC are examples of this.

“Bahraini training institutes effectively enhance the qualifications and capabilities of the national workforce. This entails facilitating their efforts to further elevate the quality of their training programmes, while fostering greater collaboration among relevant authorities including the Ministry of Labour, the Quality Assurance Authority, and Tamkeen,” he concludes.