Groundbreaking Project Agreed

by BTM

Wed, 30 August 2017

Groundbreaking Project Agreed

BFG International, a Bahrain-based global leader in composites technology, is set to roll out a groundbreaking Industry 4.0 project at its facility in Mina Salman. The industrial automation initiative is being supported by the Economic Development Board and Tamkeen.

It involves automating BFG International’s factories and integrating all its business areas through a core software supplied by partner firm QiO Technologies. This will offer the manufacturer complete transparency along its entire supply chain and optimise its production process.

Industry 4.0 is the growing trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It uses cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing to create ‘smart factories’ which can respond to changes in real time and become more efficient.

The agreement for the project was signed by Tamkeen chief executive Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, and BFG International Group president, Dr Samer Al Jishi.