I'm Not Done - Akram Miknas

by BTM

Tue, 03 November 2020

I'm Not Done - Akram Miknas

Renowned businessman, Akram Miknas, has published his memoir titled ‘I’m Not Done’, for the first time in English, in Bahrain. The book was previously launched in Beirut, Kuwait and other countries around the world. 

The memoir presents aspects of Mr. Miknas’ personal and professional life over more than fifty years. It traces his life from growing up in Lebanon through his escape from the civil war, to Jordan, Turkey and Dubai, eventually reaching his final settlement in Bahrain in the year 1976. We follow the fortunes and frustrations Mr. Miknas faced in the process of making Bahrain his regional headquarters to launch his business in marketing, real estate, hospitality and other ventures.

Speaking about the book, Mr. Miknas said: “Its purpose is not just to act as an archive of narration about significant experiences in my life. It is meant to inspire people, especially the younger generation to push them to love work and achievement, and overcome challenges while realising that failure only represents a very natural circumstance that is necessary for success.”

The first two editions of the book were quickly sold out when published on Amazon.