Investing in The Future

by BTM

Thu, 01 July 2021

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Citi Bahrain announced its sponsorship of the Currencies and Securities Trading Room at the University of Bahrain’s College of Business Administration. Through the facility, students can access and use professional trading software such as Thomson Reuters, gather information and interpret it quickly. 

The Currencies and Securities Trading Room will be incorporated into the Financial Markets and Institutions course (FIN221) which covers the fundamental principles of financial markets and institutions and includes topics such as valuation of financial assets and the characteristics of financial instruments in money and capital markets. 

“Citi is proud to sponsor this project that will help increase more than 750 students’ educational flexibility in adapting to future changes and prepares them for the job market. We have worked with the University of Bahrain in the past through a USD200 thousand grant that supported 53 students and we continue to search for ways to help the young generation and contribute to their future success,” said Citi Bahrain CEO, Michel Sawaya.

The Currencies and Securities Trading Room lets the students translate learned theory into practical application within an educational environment.