KFH’s InfoSec Expert Spotlights Blockchain’s Dominance

by BTM

Tue, 08 August 2023

KFH’s InfoSec Expert Spotlights Blockchain’s Dominance

KFH’s InfoSec Expert Spotlights Blockchain’s Dominance

Utilising blockchain technology applications to enhance cybersecurity in the financial technology sector is now of high significance. This was stated by Information Security Manager and BCP Officer at KFH-Bahrain, Hasan Muhi, during a seminar titled ‘Cybersecurity in Fintech in Bahrain’ which was organised by the IT systems integrations and managed cyber security company, NGN International.

“Blockchain technology offers significant security advantages by storing financial data in an encrypted manner across a network of devices, making it highly resistant to cyberattacks. This technology represents one of the latest and most effective methods for safeguarding companies and institutions against the growing risks of cyber threats including data loss, unauthorised access, and data theft,” explains Mr. Muhi. 

Given the escalating complexity of cyber threats, institutions are compelled to embrace technologies that enable swift and effective detection, and mitigation of attacks. “Cutting-edge cybersecurity applications facilitate early detection of threats, enable prompt and efficient response capabilities, and elevate overall cybersecurity levels,” he concludes.