Lynne Al-Wazzan - A Loss to Bahrain’s Community

by BTM

Sun, 04 October 2020

Lynne Al-Wazzan - A Loss to Bahrain’s Community

Mrs. Lynne Al-Wazzan, known as a tireless charity volunteer, proud mother, grandmother and wife to leading Bahraini businessman Mr. Abulrahman Al-Wazzan, passed away suddenly on Monday, September 21 of a heart attack.

Lynne Al-Wazzan arrived in Bahrain 40 years ago after meeting Intercol Director, Abdurrahman Al-Wazzan in England, and marrying soon after. They had three children together – Ali, 41, Mahin, 38, and Hassan 36, and had been blessed with five grandchildren. She has been involved in charity work throughout her life and would have celebrated her 70th birthday in December marking nearly 60 years of dedication to her communities.

A long-time supporter of the American Women’s Association (AWA) in Bahrain AWA, Lynne has served on each of the association’s committees and received many awards for her work – so much so that there is now a Lynne Al-Wazzan Award. In addition, she worked closely with the Indian Ladies Association and Sneha organization, which helps educate special needs children, for 18 years.

After five decades spent in the Kingdom, Lynne Al-Wazzan enjoyed an exciting life in Bahrain, her adopted home, which she loved with a passion and loyally contributed to its cosmopolitan communities in a kind, generous and hard-working manner.