Massive Trade Surge

by BTM

Tue, 02 July 2019

Massive Trade Surge

As guests gathered at an event hosted by the Italian Embassy to celebrate the country’s national day, Italian Ambassador, HE Domenico Bellato, announced that trade between the two nations increased by 52 per cent last year.

In fact, bilateral trade reached the record level of USD617 million – which included a 156 per cent jump in Bahraini exports to Italy. These are mainly comprised of aluminium, plastics and fertilisers, whereas Italian imports into Bahrain have been machinery for industry, fashion, food, furniture, design and electrical and electronic devices.

Noting that Italian companies are involved in many of Bahrain’s major developments, His Excellency said further cooperation was very much in the pipeline adding: “The untapped potential is still huge, and we will jointly explore further avenues.”