Metaverse - An Insight into Labour Market Changes

by BTM

Sun, 28 November 2021

An Insight into Labour Market Changes

Upgrading Bahrainis’ training and qualifications could empower them to contribute to timely technical developments around the world while ensuring that they continue to be an asset to the labour market where many traditional jobs are disappearing and new jobs linked to the industry 4.0 are emerging. “Facebook’s statement of its desire to transform to ‘Metaverse’ technology provides insight into the future structure of the global labour market and corporate world,” explains Chairman of the Bahrain Society of Private Training Institutes, and Human development expert, Nawaf Mohammed Al Jishi.

“It is critical for Bahraini youth to master advanced technologies such as VR and AR, while teaching them to produce and use this technology in fields such as education, video games, and media, in order to boost Bahrain’s share of the global virtual reality industry, which is worth billions of dollars,” he adds.

Bahraini talent with a sound knowledge of modern technologies have been in demand at Bahraini commercial organisations including engineering design offices and industrial businesses dealing in oil and gas, real estate, and more. If Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions are fulfilled, future generations will live and work in the ‘Metaverse’ platform, which could become the most significant technical platform since the rise of the internet.