Minimal Invasion for Maximum Success

by BTM

Sat, 02 October 2021

dr murat womens clinic bahrain

Dr. Murat Women’s Clinic is committed to medical excellence in the field of women’s health.

As a German and Bahrain Board-Certified Consultant for obstetrics, gynaecology and gynaecologic oncology, breast cancer, advanced minimal invasive gynaecology and robotic surgeries, Dr. Murat Koc is a leading authority in women’s reproductive ailments focusing on minimal invasion for maximum success.

He is highly specialised and experienced in gynaecological laparoscopic and breast cancer diagnostics and treatments, including advanced cases, using an approach that incorporates the latest and most innovative medical advances available.

Having performed a notable number of surgical and non-surgical procedures, he is one of the first choices for female patients not only in Bahrain, but in the region. His pioneering practice has led to the sophistication of women’s healthcare in Bahrain, most notably with the establishment of a first-of-its-kind, internationally accredited ‘Center of Excellence in Minimal Invasive Gynecology’ alongside his private practice, Dr. Murat Women’s Clinic.

Dr. Murat’s clinic provides all kinds of diagnostic, surgical or conservative treatment options for a variety of health issues that affect women – fibroids, ovarian tumours and cysts, prolapse and female incontinence, treatment and early detection of precancerous conditions of the female genital tract, and breast and other gynaecological cancers. Besides carrying out successful laparoscopic procedures, Dr. Murat offers Integrative Oncology, which is the use of complementary, or integrative therapies along with conventional medicine to fight cancer. These therapies work together with standard treatment methods (surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) to treat the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. Integrative therapies can help with the goals of treatment, alleviate side effects, relieve distress, and may help with treatment results and adherence.

For more information, call 17 230-238 or follow @drmuratwomensclinic on Instagram.