Best Food Forward!

by BTM

Mon, 03 July 2023

Nass Foods American food brands from the USA

Nass Foods, a branch of Nass Corporation B.S.C., has been providing Bahrain with some of the most recognised American food brands from the USA since it was established in 1982. Operating as an importer, wholesaler, retailer and supplier of premium quality frozen, chilled and dry food, Nass Foods is a sign of quality.

Over the past 41 years, Nass Foods has been one of the preferred food supply-chain companies in the region, a trusted leader in the supply of specialised meat products to top hotels and caterers, supermarkets and hypermarkets in the Kingdom.

Through Nass Foods, a number of American food brands including Midamar and Butterball, an essential during the festive season, have graced the island! When the weather amps up in summer, international premium brands of ice creams like Oreo, Kitkat, Cadbury, Nestle, Toblerone, Daim and Del Monte are all distributed by the company too.

However, Nass Foods’ premium meat products are its specialty. Its main imports are from the USA, but also from countries such as New Zealand, Brazil, Netherlands and Australia. Succulent steaks, backyard BBQ options and tender roasts are all available by order on the Nass Foods app.

To meet demand, the company has a massive storage capacity, which includes freezers, chillers and dry stores, and a distribution system that covers seven days a week. It comprises a fleet of freezer vans, trucks, mini buses and vans. Its wholesale outlets in Manama and Hamad Town cater to the wholesale needs of Bahrainis’ growing food requirements.

Of course, Nass Foods’ operations could not exist without suppliers and the company continues to explore carefully-selected partnerships in a number of countries as it aims to maintain its reputation as one of the GCC’s most important importers and distributors.

One of the main American suppliers is the American Foods Group, a family-owned business based in the Midwest of the US. The partnership between Nass Foods and AFG typifies the quality and care needed to ensure that Bahrain receives the finest imports. All beef provided by AFG comes from North American cattle raised on rural ranches and feed yards, and most importantly, is all Halal certified.