National Initiative To Train Bahrainis

by BTM

Thu, 04 November 2021

National Initiative To Train Bahrainis

The first Arabic remote training platform, ‘Tadreeb Hub’ has launched a nationwide programme aiming to qualifying and developing the capacities of 1,000 Bahrainis in quality sectors required by the labour market in Bahrain and the region.

This new initiative will empower Bahrainis in seizing opportunities, particularly in the field of remote work and starting their enterprises that contribute to earning a rewarding income and have the potential to develop, allowing them to hire other Bahrainis.

Mr. Khalil Alqaheri, the platform’s CEO and a Bahraini entrepreneur revealed that the training disciplines include programming, e-marketing, graphic design, audio performance, video editing, and other professions that are in high demand and can be conducted remotely.

The Tadreeb Hub team has interacted with Bahraini firms to gain their sponsorship and support for the initiative to train and integrate locals into the labour market, as part of their social responsibility initiatives.