New Security App Launched

by BTM

Wed, 30 August 2017

New Security App Launched

Le Beck International, one of the region’s leading specialist security and risk management consultancies, with offices in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, has launched a new security mobile application – MENAlert – to provide real-time information and valuable analysis of the most current security events across the MENA region, as well as select major global incidents. An industry-first, the app provides users with timely, credible and relevant alerts, reports and analysis on the most significant security, political, economic and environmental events unfolding in the region.

All content is compiled by Le Beck’s expert analysts who are located in key regional and global touch-points. According to Le Beck CEO, Anthony Tesar: “We live in a time of information overload where we are constantly bombarded with news from a variety of sources.

The MENAlert App has been developed to cut through the clutter and provide users with the most relevant and credible content. It hones in on the core issues and gives an unbiased, holistic overview of both the macro- and micro-impacts of these security-related events. Our offering is also unique in that it focuses on MENA, which, as a region, is prone to volatility and fast-changing dynamics.”