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Responding to Market Needs

by BTM

Thu, 01 July 2021

Responding to Market Needs

Academic programmes offered at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), in collaboration with prestigious international universities, aims to reduce the gap between educational outputs and labour market needs. The Institute is working closely with financial institutions in the Kingdom to identify their needs for qualified local candidates.

All bachelor’s and master’s programmes offered at the BIBF are accredited by the Higher Education Council (HEC) in Bahrain and are recognised by international accreditation bodies. “The BIBF offers a selection of academic programmes awarded by world-class British and American universities, for students considering a career in banking, finance, Islamic banking, financial technology (Fintech), business, economy, and other related fields,” said BIBF Director, Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh.

Degrees offered for undergraduate studies include the International Foundation Programme (IFP), and Bachelor’s programmes in Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, and Islamic Finance from the prestigious Bangor University.