Smart Awards - Viva Bahrain, Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2019

by BTM

Tue, 05 November 2019

smart awards viva bahrain, bahrain smart cities summit 2019

VIVA Bahrain received two awards at the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2019 – Best Smart City Solution and Best Smart Real Estate Solution for its technology innovation across different industries.

The city award recognised the company’s role in Bahrain’s ICT growth and the introduction of  smart security solutions such as facial recognition, number plate recognition and people counting systems which can be deployed in shopping malls, airports, public parks and major highways and roads across the Kingdom. 

The real estate solution, highlighted VIVA’s collaborations with various real estate developers in areas such as smart parking, smart lighting and smart AC control systems, smart curtains and smart irrigation systems. These solutions have enabled businesses to respond effectively to their customers’ needs, enhancing the well-being and productivity while simultaneously saving operational costs and increasing building efficiency.