Supporting Bahraini Startups

by BTM

Sat, 06 August 2022

Supporting Bahraini Startups

Bahrain´s first Business Angels Company, Tenmou, which provides both mentorship and capital to high-potential, innovative Bahraini entrepreneurs from the seed stage, concluded its Investors Awareness Programme.

Over two days, 25 Bahraini investors participated in the programme, which was sponsored by CIPE (The Center for International Private Enterprise) as well as the US Department of State under the Middle East Initiative (MEPI) – a partnership which included the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBWS).

During the programme, training was conducted by Alexa Hall - a global expert in finance, project management, cross-functional team leadership and organisational strategy. Ms. Hall has also worked for several of the largest global companies such as Google, Hewlett and others. She covered a broad variety of topics including evaluating companies, feasibility studies, identifying new growth horizons, and exploring investment opportunities and challenges locally, regionally, and globally in light of Industry 4.0.

The awareness programme is part of the Tenmou Collaboration Agreement with CIPE (The Center for International Private Enterprise), which the two parties signed in December 2021. Tenmou is currently working to provide support and direction to several Bahraini startups that are expanding and growing through this agreement.