Tamkeen Supports the Employment and Training of 130 Bahrainis at KPMG

by BTM

Tue, 31 October 2023

Tamkeen Supports the Employment and Training of 130 Bahrainis at KPMG

The Labour Fund, Tamkeen announced a partnership agreement with KPMG to employ and train Bahrainis at KPMG’s Low-Code Centre of Excellence — the first of its kind in Bahrain. 

“The Centre of Excellence is being established jointly between KPMG in Bahrain and KPMG in Portugal and will focus on serving our clients in Bahrain, the region, and the wider global marketplace. The governance structure will ensure that the training of Bahraini employees will be of the highest international standards and will leverage the pool of resources on low-code engagements that international teams are working on”,  says Managing Partner, KPMG Bahrain Managing Partner, Jamal Fakhro. 

A total of 130 Bahrainis will be employed and trained over the next five years in Low-Code development approaches and methods enabling them to efficiently develop digital solutions and applications. The training will focus on technologies that allow organisations to develop, deploy, and manage websites and applications without the need to write extensive code.

“This programme will develop the capabilities of Bahraini talent, equipping them with new and emerging skillsets that will help them adapt to the rapidly changing digital world, and compete and excel on regional and global levels,” says Tamkeen CE, Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez.