The Potential to Go Global

by BTM

Tue, 05 April 2022

The Potential to Go Global

Mohammad Al-Razaz, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder & CEO of OTO - MENA’s largest shipping integrator and aggregator solution for online businesses, indicated that Bahraini entrepreneurs have the potential to expand globally due to an integrated support system that includes a variety of financial services and programmes, incubators, business accelerators, and export services.

“The more original a project’s idea is, the more it will be able to traverse borders, compete, and get funding from investors,” says Mr. Al-Razaz who went on to highlight his entrepreneurial journey in Saudi Arabia during a Fireside chat hosted by the ‘Collective Hub’ in Bahrain Bay and sponsored by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP). 

“Entrepreneurs must make decisions based on facts, data, and information, to carefully assemble their team, assure continuous improvement, and consistently push themselves,” he adds. 

The event was part of Tenmou’s initiatives to enhance angel investment, inspire more Bahraini entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into viable economic initiatives, and benefit from the experiences of entrepreneurs on a regional and worldwide level.