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There is no better entry point than Bahrain!

by BTM

Thu, 01 July 2021

There is no better entry point than Bahrain!

WestPoint Home LLC President and CEO, Jonathan Witmer talks about the company’s success and contribution of USD one billion to Bahraini exports under the FTA.

WestPoint Home LLC, which is headquartered in New York City, is a leading global marketer of home textile products with a history spanning over 200 years. The company which has significant operations in 10 countries all over the world has a manufacturing base in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The company began in 1813 as a manufacturer of woollen broadcloth and quickly became a leader in textile innovation and design providing a full array of home fashion textiles in bed and bath. “From our wide array of textiles, we produce from fiber to fabric, to our state-of-the-art printing capabilities, WestPoint home has maintained its leadership position in the industry by having these distinct advantages along with speed to market,” says WestPoint Home LLC President and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Witmer.

The companies Bahrain factories currently employs1450 people including 140 Bahrainis. “Our Bahrain operations are critical to the Company’s global manufacturing model, and we are proud to market our ‘Made in Bahrain’ labeled superior quality products in the United States where we service customers such as Ralph Lauren, John Lewis, Sam’s Club, Marriott, Amazon and others in the retail and hospitality industries,” says Mr. Witmer. 

WestPoint Home is a proud beneficiary of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Bahrain and the United States, since its inception. “WestPoint Home is a beneficiary of the FTA since December 21, 2006 just a few months after the FTA entered into force on August 1, 2006,” states Mr. Witmer.

“Upon the Terrif Preference Level expiry in July 2016, WestPoint Home invested over USD nine million to enhance its yarn production in Bahrain to mitigate the impact. WestPoint Home has contributed well over USD one billion to Bahraini exports under the FTA,” he adds.

When asked about the significance of Bahrain when it comes to WestPoint Home’s outreach to the GCC, Mr. Witmer expresses his belief that there is no better entry point than Bahrain. “This is especially for an internationally focused company looking to build a new business. We have significant commercial experience in the region and believe, without hesitation, if you want to enter this region, do it properly, and position your business for many years of stability, growth and expansion, this is the right place,” he says.

The company has also made significant investments for energy efficiency, conservation and additional innovation and growth in Bahrain. “As a corporation that manufactures products all over the world my answer is always the same. If I could put all of our factories in Bahrain, I would do it in a second!  Bahrain has strong and stable facilities and infrastructure, an incredibly collaborative commercial environment, and most importantly, strong and supportive governmental and corporate partnership programs – allowing for all of us to succeed together,” he highlights.

WestPoint Home manufactures and exports sheets, comforters, face masks, duvets, and decorative pillows for the U.S. retail and hospitality markets. “Our company has grown enormously, but our core beliefs remain the same: passionately creating high-quality, fashion-forward, sustainable products that makes people’s lives healthier and more comfortable every day,” he states, adding that the company also exports goods to the GCC and Europe through their subsidiary, Vision Linens.

The company has enjoyed tremendous growth and success over the years, which it credits to its focus on innovation in every form. “Innovation in manufacturing that reduce costs and improve our impact on the environment, innovation in product development that brings amazing new products to market that genuinely help consumers lead better lives, and even innovation for simple things such as packaging or shipping that can reduce costs and improve our global impact on the environment,” he explains.

“With your continued support, we feel very confident that WestPoint Home Bahrain, through continued investments, will continue to be a leader in the industry for another 200 years and lead in our markets in partnership with Bahrain,” he concludes.