Uniting Digital and Traditional Banking

by BTM

Sun, 08 August 2021

bahrain bank Uniting Digital and Traditional Banking

In line with its digitisation strategy, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) officially unveiled its completely revamped design for the Bank’s Financial Mall located in Riffa, revealing a completely new innovative design. 

Aptly named the Riffa Innovation Hub, the new space combines the best of both: traditional and digital experiences in a single space. One floor is dedicated to traditional customer service representatives complete with customer service agents offering their usual services. The other full-fledged digital floor is equipped with self-service machines and digital services dedicated to its customers that prefer to complete their banking transactions independently. The Hub also includes the locally-owned coffee shop, Roast, which was selected as the hosted business through a competition held last year. 

The digital floor allows customers to perform a multitude of transactions aside from open accounts, apply for financing, maintain or update their records and even speak to a bank representative through a video screen as an added option.