World-class education starts here!

by BTM

Thu, 01 July 2021

World-class education starts here!

The American University of Bahrain has changed the face of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Here’s why:

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) is the first comprehensive, purpose-built, American-style co-educational University in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is supported by the Elm Fund. AUBH offers a holistic journey for students and a unique approach to education that fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty, and the professional community.

The contemporary and high-tech, 75,000 sqm. campus located in Riffa, was designed by US-based architects Ayers Saint Gross (ASG), who have developed projects for numerous universities in the US, including Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. Along with classrooms, library, and labs, the campus includes a Sports Center with indoor and outdoor courts and fields, vast student commons, and an auditorium for special events. True to being innovative and cutting-edge, AUBH also recently added voice technology to its campus with the launch of two Alexa skills which are aimed at providing students, educators, and parents with the ability to use their voice to maximise the learning experience and enrich university life whilst providing critical academic and campus information. 

AUBH curricula are built by experts and specialists to equip students with the knowledge and soft skills to succeed in a rapidly ever-changing environment. The AUBH quality of American-style education mirrors that of the best universities in the United States. The University’s unique academic structure enables students to find their real passions and allows them to develop their abilities, leading to long successful careers in their chosen industry. AUBH carefully considers how to academically challenge a student while simultaneously preparing them for a rewarding career and competitive job market. Students enrolling in AUBH are exposed to a university life that is very much influenced by collaborative learning, critical thinking, and technical education in an American-style University environment. Beyond the academic education that the students receive, they assimilate soft skills and competencies including problem solving, negotiation and creative thinking.

The University, which primarily focuses its curriculum on STEM and Business, offers programs within the Colleges of Business & Management, Engineering, and Architecture & Design. Those include a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering to name a few. The university also plans on offering the following degrees at the graduate level very soon: a Master of Science in Engineering Management*, a Master of Business Administration*, and a Master of Arts in Multimedia Management* among others. As AUBH continues to make its mark on the GCC and beyond, these programs will continue to expand and grow. 

Notably, on June 3rd, 2021, AUBH became the first University in the Kingdom to achieve eligibility to proceed with an Application for Accreditation with the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). This is one of the highest levels of quality assurance, and once awarded, AUBH would become the first and only higher education institution to be accredited by WSCUC in Bahrain.

AUBH’s “beyond-the-classroom” approach, has a purpose of empowering the next generation with confidence, leadership and professionalism; skills they will required in the workforce. It is soft skills like these  and collaboration with companies such as Mumtalakat, stc Bahrain, Diyar Al Muharraq, Bahrain Airport Company, and Flat6Labs - partnerships which help propel AUBH students into the corporate world.

It’s fair to say that day-to-day life has changed since the pandemic began, and institutions that have operated the same way for years are having to adapt. As part of the University’s plan, students have access to a dual-modality experience, allowing them to attend classes on campus according to the University schedule, and simultaneously online, where students who are unable to attend class on campus or prefer to study at a distance can attend at the same time as students in the classroom. This solution incorporates a specialised camera system with views of the classroom, live broadcasting and remote participation, whiteboards, and activity through our interactive CleverTouch monitors, all being shared through Canvas, a cloud-based learning platform, and Microsoft Teams. 

For more information or to book a socially-distanced, in-person campus tour, please visit or call +973 77 999-997. 

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