A Striking Culinary Encounter

by BTM

Sat, 03 February 2018

A Striking Culinary Encounter

With a philosophy of liberated Japanese cooking, this restaurant offers a fantastic fine dining experience.

Ruka, the chic eatery perched high at the statuesque Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa in Seef, serves food that echoes a strong respect for tradition and craft, offering innovative dishes that have a clear and distinct personality.

Although a majority of us still equate this Far-Eastern cuisine with sushi, the variety of fare available to discerning palates is growing. In the 1990s, the popularity of sushi spread from the US across the world, riding the wave of the exotic health food boom, becoming a widely accepted nutritious, low-calorie food. At the turn of the century, Japanese gastronomy came to be regarded as premium dining. An increasing number of diners became willing to pay more for food where fresh ingredients and the chefs’ finesse is vital.

This particular style of Oriental cookery takes a simple approach, using seasonings such as miso, mirin (sweet cooking sake) and soy sauce to incorporate ‘umami’ (savoury taste), and finds a perfect point where they blend. This is why it appeals to a large number of people. Today, this cuisine is becoming even more popular internationally, with a constantly expanding array of choices ranging from udon and soba noodles to deep-fried tempura, yakiniku (grilled meat), yakitori (char-broiled chicken), kaiseki-ryori (traditional multi-course meal) and more. Ruka has a fine selection of these comfort recipes and a great deal of care is taken in preparing them.

The menu here is much more than alternative versions of dishes that guests may have sampled at other venues – it is, almost entirely, a compilation of specialities unique to the restaurant. The selection is comprehensive and alluring; dishes are authentic but not traditional, underlined with bold, intense flavours and an emphasis on simple presentation, acquired through quality ingredients.

The skilled hands in the kitchen believe that a meal with no surprises is a culinary experience lost and a potentially memorable dining occasion wasted. Order something unfamiliar, and the outlet strives to offer you a novel experience of relishing contemporary Japanese food.

There is no set protocol of ordering from the menu; dishes are designed to be shared at the table or enjoyed individually. The servers will happily explain the various choices available and provide guidance based on dietary requirements.

The month of February sees some amazing offers at the outlet – from Sushi Mondays, Happy Hours and a lively Ladies’ Night to Business Lunch and Saturday’s Hangover Brunch. Definitely not to be missed is the Valentine’s Day extravaganza with a delicious sharing set menu of meticulously prepared food and beverage wonders by sous chef Raman Udas.

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa puts a great deal of care and effort into making sure that your expectations are far exceeded at Ruka, where great food, a beautiful ambience and positive vibes will make your meal one to remember for a long time to come.

Call 17 111-999.