A Festival of Flavour

by BTM

Tue, 05 December 2023

A Festival of Flavour

Indian festivals are known for their vibrant atmosphere and contagious sense of joy. Throughout December, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa will be emulating this spirit through the Chandini Chowk Festival at its Indian restaurant Tanatan. Edwin D’Souza checks out this flavourful festival. 

Indian cuisine is known across the world for its rich and diverse flavours, and that’s what Tanatan’s Chandini Chowk Festival is really all about. The restaurant has set up beautiful stalls which pay homage to the renowned Delhi 6, which is famous for being the oldest and most significant market for wholesale products in India, and complemented the ambience with an experience that certainly lived up to its reputation.

Our Chandini Chowk experience began with an exciting variety of traditional Indian starters, better known to Indians as chaat. The Pani Puri, Dhai Puri, Bhel Puri, Papdi Chaat, Raj Kachori and Sev Puri were all presented like colourful, edible works of art. Each had its own unique flavours and textures, from the crispy base of the Pani Puri to the creamy tang of the Dhai Puri. The Bhel Puri brought together a mixture of crispy puffed rice, tangy tamarind chutney, and crunchy sev, while the Raj Kachori wowed with its combination of crispiness, sweetness and spiciness. The audible crunch and myriad flavours made their chaat addictive. 

For the main course, we were served the Kashmiri Pulao, Mutton Burra Kebab, Butter Chicken and Radda Chicken. There’s nothing quite like delicious, hot naan, so these were paired with butter naan, kheema naan and garlic naan. The flavours were nothing short of amazing. The Mutton Burra Kebab consisted of well-marinated and perfectly cooked lamb chops flavoured with India’s finest spices, while the Butter Chicken had a velvety and creamy tomato gravy that was simply delicious. The naan’s warm and fluffy texture, were a perfect accompaniment to the bold flavours of the curries. 

The Kashmiri Pulao, a rice dish laden with nuts, dried fruits, saffron and fresh fruits was a blissful experience to dive into. The Radda Chicken was a perfect demonstration of how Indian cuisine can take a simple ingredient and turn it into something incredibly flavourful. The rich gravy consists of lentils and soft and tender boneless chicken — a unique curry to add to the experience. 

To cap off this phenomenal meal, we were served with Falooda and Gulab Jamun for dessert. The Falooda was light and refreshing, with a sweet, floral taste that contrasted perfectly with the richness of its toppings. The Gulab Jamun, which we all are fans of, is a popular Indian dessert made from sweetened milk and dough. These were warm and satiating, and topped with pistachios that added to the flavour. The light and sweet desserts made for a perfect ending to our trip to Chandini Chowk. 

Overall, the festival hosted by the Tanatan restaurant exceeded our expectations. From the creative and delicious starters to the perfectly seasoned main course to the unforgettable dessert, every dish was a true testament to the flavours and diversity of Indian cuisine. Whether you are an experienced Indian cuisine lover or a beginner, Tanatan is definitely worth a visit.