An Iconic Feast

by BTM

Wed, 07 February 2024

An Iconic Feast

Zahrat Al Fayrouz at Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort and Spa recently introduced ‘Fayrouz Nights’. Farah Baig visited the restaurant to discover what makes this Levantine dining experience special. 

The luxurious Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort and Spa has earned a reputation for creating memorable stays and dining experiences. The resort’s Levantine restaurant, Zahrat Al Fayrouz, has recently launched ‘Fayrouz Nights’ which offers some of the best of Levantine cuisine and live entertainment every Thursday. 

As we walked through the doors of Zahrat Al Fayrouz, we couldn’t help but admire its palatial décor. Tasselled chandeliers, warm lighting, intricate wall papers and velvet embroidered seating adorned this beautiful restaurant from floor to ceiling. What really caught our attention, though, were the unique paintings which we admired as we listened to the live music duo. 

After being seated at one of the indoor tables, we were presented with menus that resembled vinyl records and its covers – a nod to the iconic songstress, Fairuz, who serves as the inspiration behind this charming concept. The culinary team at Zahrat Al Fayrouz, led by the talented Chef Bashar, has curated a set menu of much-loved traditional dishes. 

To begin, we were served a selection of cold mezzes including Hummus Beiruti, Moutabal and Warek Enab Bil Zaite with a side of fresh bread. The Warek Enab El Zaite, which are stuffed vine leaves, were truly delicious as the rice had the perfect bite to it. I appreciated the smoky flavour of the roasted brinjal in the smooth Moutabal which kept me coming back for more. 

As with cold mezza, salads are a regular feature when dining on Levantine cuisine. The Fattoush and Tabbouleh incorporated the freshest of vegetables, herbs and olive oil to create salads that were truly addictive. A liberal sprinkle of sumac gave the Fattoush a satisfying burst of tanginess. 

This was followed by the hot mezze which included audibly crunchy Cheese Rakakat and freshly made falafel, a vegetarian option which we opted for instead of Chicken Livers with Pomegranate Sauce. Dipped in tahina, these were both quite divine. 

For main course, diners can choose from Chicken Molokhia, Kibbeh Bil Laban, Kofta and Batata, Salmon with Tartar and Shrimp Fatteh. The baked cubes of salmon were served on light rice, and topped with crushed pistachios and a rich yogurt and tahina sauce which elevated the textures and flavours of the dish. The Kofta and Batata thrilled us with its layers of scrumptious potatoes and baked kofta. 

Apart from the selection of main courses on the set menu, we just could not resist trying the restaurant’s crowd favourite – the mixed grills. It’s no surprise that it has garnered such a following as the selection of masterfully grilled kebab, tikka and lamb chops are sensational when coupled with the char-grilled vegetables, pickles and toum (garlic sauce). 

‘Fayrouz Nights’ sweetens the experience with a dessert platter consisting of fresh fruit, Kunafa, Baklava and ice cream. I had a special appreciation for the buttery baklava, and devoured spoonfuls of ice cream with the crushed pistachios. 

I’ve always said that delicious food, mesmerising entertainment and good company make the perfect recipe for a memorable night out. After this experience, I can say without a fragment of doubt that ‘Fayrouz Nights’ serves as a setting, just as iconic as Fairuz herself, for an unforgettable evening.