Bahrain-based restaurant Mahonia pushing the boundaries in culinary destination dining with its limi...

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Sun, 03 November 2019

Bahrain-based restaurant Mahonia pushing the boundaries in culinary destination dining with its limited edition ‘Four-Hands Dinners’

Bahrain-based restaurant Mahonia pushing the boundaries in culinary destination dining with its limited edition ‘Four-Hands Dinners’

Chef Agustin Balbi, the executive chef of HAKU, Hong Kong, joins hands with the Mahonia Kitchen, for a rare culinary experience for two nights only next week.

Pushing the culinary scene in the GCC is raison d'être for Mahonia, yet they still find ways to delight and impress. Mahonia as a concept is born from passion, for delivering real dining experiences guests would usually only have in Europe. This passion is embodied in its latest collaboration with Chef Agustin Balbi, the executive chef of HAKU.

Chef Agustin, who recently debuted on The Best Chef Awards Top 100 List 2019, will be crafting an unforgettable food journey with Mahonia, exclusive for two nights only. The limited nature of the event speaks to the uniqueness of the collaboration, as Chef Agustin and Mahonia’s culinary team endeavour to create something that exists to delight and also offers something special to the world, not just the GCC.

This exclusive dining experience will be held on the 7th and 8th of November, where Chef Agustin and the Mahonia kitchen come together to create a spectacular 10-course degustation menu. This one-off culinary experience will be complemented with paired vintages from Mahonia’ extensive cellar.

For those yet to try a ‘Four-Hands Dinner’ – the concept brings together the culinary talents and techniques of chefs and restaurant teams from other countries, combining their passions and experiences, their outlooks and styles, and gives them the space to craft a new journey; one that won’t be repeated.

Sawsan Baluch, the restaurateur behind Mahonia, explains why it is important to her that people know the culinary scene of Bahrain is changing:

“We deliver something unique, something unforgettable, but the truth is the culinary scene in Bahrain has not reached the world’s stage and we are hyperfocused to be part of that change. It’s our place to challenge old misconceptions and delight each new guest as they walk through our doors and become part of our family. Offering these ‘Four Hands Dinners’ is a great way for us to share our passion and set a new higher standard in the GCC.“

This year, Mahonia has already collaborated with a number of award-winning global chefs for the ‘Four-Hands Dinners’, such as Chef Mauro Colagreco of Restaurant Mirazur, 2019’s winner from ‘The World’s 50 Best’. Mahonia has also joined forces with Chefs Jorge Vallejo from Quintonil in Mexico, and Bruno Oger of La Villa Archange and Bistrot des Anges. These collaborations cross cultural boundaries and enable chefs to experiment with tastes and techniques from other countries, present signature dishes or create new ones. Every event is a unique partnership, where guests discover exceptional recipes from across the world.

The evening will commence with a tasting reception from 7:30pm, where gourmet bites and signature beverages will be served, followed by dinner to start promptly at 8:30pm.

The event is priced at BD140 net per person, with paired beverages and BD110 net per person, without paired beverages. Each evening is exclusive to only 35 guests; our tip is to book early to avoid disappointment.

For further information, please call +973 1700 0071 or email [email protected] 




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