Black Angus - Delectable Delicacies

by BTM

Wed, 29 January 2020

Black Angus at the Coral Bay Resort is a firm favourite among Bahrain’s connoisseurs of the highest quality of meats. Restaurant manager, Robert tells Behnaz Sanjana why.

On a laidback afternoon, Robert is in an easy conversation with a guest before he comes around to chat with me. “Black Angus sports a distinct cowboy culture, the way the dishes are styled,” he says. “We serve everything from beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, pork, and venison, and we have successfully catered to the tastes of Bahrainis, those visiting from around the GCC, as well as expatriates, like those from the US Naval base, who are our regular patrons. The steaks remind them of those they have back home.”

The restaurant celebrates it first anniversary this month, and has been riding a triumphant wave so far. According to Robert, there are many reasons for it. He says: “Something unique about us is that we are open 24X7, so there is no concept of time here. Guests do not feel pressurised to order within a deadline. We have customers walking in for dinner and leaving the next morning, after an Arabic breakfast! The music goes on and the kitchen keeps the food coming. With this beautiful sea view, it’s the best place to get away from it all!”

Another reason he cites is the fantastic pricing. “On an average, with BD10, one can have dinner and a drink with us, with change left over for a taxi ride back home! For the high quality we offer, we’re an ideal spot to bring your friends, colleagues or dinner date without blowing up the bank,” he laughs.

Black Angus sees a mix of guests; families, couples and singles, many of who specifically come to savour the cowboy cuts on the menu. “The tomahawk steak is a sight to see on the plate,” says Robert. “It is huge, but delicious enough to polish off. The quality of our meats is the best one can get in the Gulf region. Other restaurants may serve the same prime cuts, I don’t think any of them match our competitive pricing.”

The service and kitchen staff at Black Angus are happy to cater to reasonable requests outside of the menu. “Some customers ask for Shish Tawouk, and our expert chefs know how to prepare it in a jiffy, with the same, if not better, taste as a traditionally prepared one. Similarly, we can omit the pork bacon in our Loaded Baked Potato on customers’ request.”

With lots of repeat clientele, the outlet keeps things interesting. “When one is in the mood for fish, we offer our Seafood Bonanza, priced at BD15. The platter for one has crab, clam, basa and salmon, and is available from Saturday to Wednesday, between noon and midnight.

“For BD8.500, our combo package is also popular. Guests get a free cocktail, mocktail, juice or soft drink either with any burger of their choice, or with Steakhouse (consisting either beef or chicken) or regular Nachos.”

The venue’s monthly Afro-Caribbean Friday brunch has received a rave response. It is priced at BD20 for those who pre-book, and for Navy personnel. At the door it costs BD25. Robert says: “Besides islanders, we have guests from across the border ringing us to book them a table. Without a reservation, it’s tough to get a table. People love our small, intimate and very practical setup.”

Robert brings a wealth of experience with him, having worked with the high-profile Fairmont Hotels in Kenya, a respected hospitality chain in Bahrain and with the US Embassy in Sudan. He says: “This is my first time working in a family setting. I find people are more genuine and we forge a bond with our guests, who trust us to give them the very best – in terms of our product and service. That’s why we have been growing fast and will continue to do so.”

Under his able supervision, the staff at Black Angus are fluent with the language of authentic customer service. Says the manager who lauds his staff for their efforts and commitment: “Our high quality is consistent. And if something is not up to a guest’s satisfaction, my staff has the ownership of correcting the problem. There is no passing the buck here, we all take our jobs very seriously and are very proud of it.”

With nascent plans of expanding the business being considered, Black Angus is ready to giddy up and get going even further!

Black Angus, an eatery originally from Texas, Arizona, has a number of branches in America, and, for connoisseurs of the highest quality of meats, one right here at Coral Bay Resort in Bahrain.

We caught up with restaurant manager Robert on a busy afternoon at the outlet to know more about the venue and all that it has to offer islanders.