Hidden Gems in Bahrain | Haji’s Café


Tue, 03 April 2018

Hidden Gems  in Bahrain | Haji’s Café

hajisNestled away in a walkway just inside the main Manama Souq (Bab Al Bahrain), over 70 years old, traditional Haji’s Café is to Manama what the old but still thriving La Petite Chaise street café is to Paris.

With abundant open-air seating and traditional patron service in a busy market thoroughfare, the adjacent walls adorned with pictures and photographs of days gone by, visitors are cast into a past era instantaneously.

Observing the myriad of people that pass by, whilst eating fine traditional dishes and accompaniments, brings a truly Middle Eastern flavour to the ambience, which, when coupled with the atmosphere of the souq market stalls alongside, makes you wonder, just for a second, if you haven’t been transported back in time. 

Extremely well priced, incredibly tasty food is served in abundance, but ask for guidance or interpretation if you don’t understand the menu – the more traditional meals are an acquired taste.

The café can be hard to find, but with car parking in abundance in the public parking area, this is ideal for individuals, groups and families. 

With a wide range of culinary treats, teas, coffees and a menu of extraordinary traditional offerings in a very traditional environment, this is a real diamond. 

It’s open most days from 5.30am to 9pm. Call 17 210-647.