Hidden Gems in Bahrain - Swadika

by Bill Grieve

Wed, 05 September 2018

Hidden Gems in Bahrain - Swadika

It’s amazing how you can pass by something valuable and not see it – that’s why it’s called hidden treasure. In Juffair, almost out of sight, is a charming contemporary-style Thai restaurant – Sawadika – a culinary jewel fit for any crown. The Thai word “Sawadika” means “Hello”.

Easy to find, lots of off-street parking, well-lit, air-conditioned and with an abundance of restaurant and café-style seating, this Asian eatery offers a vast array of Thai delicacies cooked by real Thai chefs, who take great pride in presenting their own hidden gems in a treasure trove offering of spicy and sweet Thai treats.

The menu offers tantalising signature dishes, exquisite Oriental appetisers, fresh home-style Thai salads, and a range of almost addictive authentic soups and curries. You’ll find a lengthy repertoire of traditional stir-fried meals; cooked whole-fish dishes presented like works of art; a variety of Oriental noodle dishes; a list of fast foods like Pad Thai (a must-try), as well as classics that include Mint Salad Catfish and Crying Tiger BBQ beef. There’s also a selection of genuine Thai desserts and a range of fresh juices, iced Thai tea and cold drinks. The servings are fresh, well presented, adequately sized and overall great value for money as well!

Sawadika is located in Al Raya Mall, opposite Hotel Diva, next to Alosra supermarket. It opens daily from 11.00am to Midnight, except Fridays from 9am to 5.30pm.
Call 17 261-700 or 38 762-984.