Make Life A Little Sweeter!

by Michelle Dsouza

Sun, 26 May 2019

Make Life A Little Sweeter!

The food of the gods as it is known, indulge in a little cacao goodness this EID!

More than anyone I know, chocolate has stood by me, no jokes. In good times and bad! Birthday celebrations? Chocolate cake. Graduation? Chocolate cup cakes. Sad friend? Choco chip cookies. Heartbreak? Chocolate ice cream. Sad in general? Bars of chocolate while you cry in your car in the parking lot.

It is the ultimate comfort food and aphrodisiac! And don’t you dare feel guilty for consuming this food from the gods, but remember, everything in moderation! If you get on to the internet, you will see chocolate has a lot of benefits to it, including beneficial minerals, good skin and cognitive function.

It also makes the perfect gift! Because, honestly, WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE? (If you know anyone, who doesn’t, cut them out, you don’t need negativity like that in your life!)

With EID around the corner, we have the perfect gift for you and your loved ones! Introducing Arabisc Luxury Chocolate. These beauties are hand-crafted on a daily basis right here in our beautiful kingdom. With all sorts of flavours, we were drawn to their arabian influences and style. There’s nothing else like it in this part of the hemisphere.

Each piece they hand-craft receives special attention from chocolate artisans, and you can tell in the flavor too! We’re not kidding, we tried a lot of it and each piece of chocolate genuinely takes you on a decadent journey over smooth milky galaxies and hits just the right spots. If your palette favors local tastes and flavors, they’ve got chocolate infused with saffron, cardamom, muhalabiya and rose amongst others.

Their packaging is exquisite and special, you don’t have to worry about the gift wrap because every delicious order comes packed in a beautiful box! Their chocolate collections are available in their shops located In Riffa Mashtan Avenue and Seef Mall, Seef District. And if you can’t visit them in-store, then Carriage to the rescue!

For more information, contact Arabisc on +973 77 300 333 or visit them at www.arabisc-chocolate.com. Also available on Carriage. 

P.s. Stay tuned to our Instagram for a give-away coming soon!