Good News For Your Health

by BTM

Mon, 25 February 2019

Maki makes healthy dining tasty with its mix of great ingredients

What do red quinoa, lentils, kale, tofu and red rice have in common? The answer is simple. All of these are considered ‘super foods’. The good news, you ask? All these superfoods feature in Maki restaurant’s menu.

Since day one, Maki has been a leader in terms of introducing flavours that are amiable to the regional palate. From extra virgin olive oil, to wild thyme, to balsamic vinegar, to Moroccan truffles, Maki has responded to discerning gourmands by putting out signature guest favorites like Tara Maki, Dr Samer Maki, Fusion Temaki and Tartufo Yaki Udon.

“We have been listening to our guests throughout the years, and we constantly strive to provide them with the most imaginative dishes we can come up with, taking into consideration the need to have healthful, yet tasty ingredients,” saysToufic Salloum, group operations manager.

Enter the ‘super foods’ category. Some of the most exquisite ingredients were paired together to present Maki’s guests with the most delectable dishes. The Tartufo Red Quinoa Salad, and the Chaine Forest Haze Salad are prime examples.

Combining amazingly healthy ingredients such as red quinoa, pine nuts, dried cranberries, celery leaves, cherry tomatoes, avocados, rocket, coriander and truffles with a house-made extra virgin olive oil mixture, these two salads are packed with flavours, textures and essential nutrients. High in fibre and proteins, red quinoa is touted as the ‘super grain of the future’.

Honouring vegans, the vegetable Kale Maki, comprises a spinach wrap, kale leaves, cucumbers, carrots, avocados, iceberg lettuce, thyme, togarashi spices and red rice, and is drizzled with Maki’s special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Last but not least, is the Akagome Tofu Teppanyaki. With grilled tofu, asparagus, broccoli, green chili, truffles, cabbage, carrots, pine nuts, coriander, shimeji mushrooms, purple potato, golden curry paste and a black truffle and extra virgin olive oil mixture, you will be licking your lips at the site of this colourful dish, and that is both before and after!

Whether you are in the mood for a salad, a maki roll or a hot dish, Maki serves up a host of delicious options which are both healthful and tasty. Book your table by going to the website at www.olivermaki.com

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