Maki International Restaurant Co. - Maki At Home

by BTM

Sun, 31 May 2020

Maki International Restaurant Co.  - Maki At Home

Maki continues to serve a high-end home delivery experience, whilst reviewing its health and safety measures in anticipation of reopening. 

While restaurants still remain closed due to the effects of COVID-19, Maki has been working from home and planning how best to operate when it is time to reopen. From vigilantly redesigning its work policies, to making the health and safety of its guests and staff its number one priority, Maki ensures to keep its guests beyond happy.

“Over the last few months, we have been touched to receive many messages of support, and people looking forward to visiting the restaurant when it will reopen its doors. We are proud to be a part of such wonderful communities all over the Middle East,” says Toufic Salloum, Maki’s operations manager.

“We have always had health and safety as number one, previously using masks and gloves in the kitchen spaces, and now we will be applying even stricter health measures as well as social distancing between employees and guests.

“We are looking at health and safety methods recommended by both local and foreign governments and taking every step we can to train and inform our staff on all directions,” assures Mr Salloum.

Maki Bahrain continues to serve a high-end home delivery experienceSome hygiene protocols taken include wearing protective gear at all times, such as a direct-splash face shield, washing hands every half an hour, using a method recommended by the World Health Organisation, and many more.

Maki still ensures an exclusive delivery experience in the comfort of your home, with almost the entire menu available to order. The best part? You might not be able to physically meet all the people you would like to, but what better way to celebrate life than to be virtually enjoying Maki together.

“Our thoughts go out to all that have been affected during this difficult time, but we are remaining positive and we are so excited to be able to welcome you back in to our restaurants,” says Mr Salloum.

Share the love with friends and family. Maki their day better and keep rolling on!

Maki Bahrain is located at Bahrain World Trade Centre, West Tower and is open daily for takeaways and deliveries from noon to 11.30pm and till midnight on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and public holidays.

Call 17 522-733 / 36 999-102 or email [email protected]