Maki Restaurant - Meat-Free Mondays

by BTM

Wed, 29 January 2020

maki restaurant bahrain

The recent rave over climate change has inspired Maki’s new selection of plant-based dishes, catering to the vegetarian or vegan dietary lifestyle.

With Greta Thunburg taking over the headlines, people obsessing over Netflix’s new documentary The Game Changers or reading Johnathan Safran Foer’s We are the Weather, more people are reducing and even eliminating meat and animal products from their lives. Weather it’s for environmental reasons or simply over animal welfare concerns, it’s a big change!

Taking Japanese cuisine to new heights, Maki pledges to adopt a share of this environmental and dietary lifestyle serving the new menu alongside its regular non-plant based dishes.

Maki restaurant in BahrainSo, go ahead and challenge yourself to a meat-free Monday! The restaurant is sure it won’t be a difficult decision for non-vegetarians once you taste its new offerings – the Crispy Oliva Gunkan, a new Lena Maki, Akagome Tofu Teppan and many more vegan-inspired dishes. Choose from more than 20 plant-based/vegan dishes or you can even get the chefs to prepare something made-to-order on the spot.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the vegan version of the Crispy Salad also comes with a vegan mayo topping, which they say is a serious life changer.

Maki is located at Bahrain World Trade Centre, West Tower.

For a chance to win a little something from the restaurant tag #MakiMeatfreeMonday everytime you make a visit.

Call 17 522-733.