Maki - The Secret Nabemono (Hotpot) Menu

by BTM

Wed, 27 November 2019

Maki The Secret Nabemono Hotpot Menu

Once known to a select few, this winter favourite is now available to everyone.

Since Maki first opened, there has been a small selection of traditional Japanese hot pots called Nabemono which are available in the winter season. Nabemono had always been known to just a small number of people, including friends and family of the owners, but now they’re sharing this secret menu with you, so diners can experience this traditional dish at any of the branches.

Check out the famous Sukiyaki, which is loaded with thinly sliced beef, slowly cooked in the pot, and harusame noodles, an assortment of leafy vegetables, tofu, and lots of other yummy goodness. It’s a highly popular dish in Japan, especially for celebratory events. Can you blame them?

maki bahrainNabeyaki Udon is a hearty udon noodle soup with ingredients such as shrimp tempura, boiled chicken, Chinese cabbage, spring onions, raw egg and some crunchy tempura to really make you feel soft and warm inside. 

The third off-menu speciality is Yosenabe. The owners’ personal favourite, it is served as a clear broth with nama udon, Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, steamed white fish, prawn, tofu, and more. Sorry, no crispy stuff here, though.

Full of colourful vegetables, tofu, and thick udon, Maki can make vegan/vegetarian versions of the Nabemono for all plant-based eaters

Enjoy these nabemono in cast iron pots that are specifically made for NOT sharing – unlike most other Japanese tapas style dishes at Maki. Finally, you don’t have to try to ward off your friends and family to protect your food! 

Maki Bahrain is located at Bahrain World Trade Centre, West Tower, adjacent to Moda Mall King Faisal Highway
Open daily from noon till 11.30pm (lounge open until 1am) and till midnight on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays when the lounge is also open late until 2am.
Call 17 522-733 or 36 999-102 or e-mail [email protected]