The Russian Connection

by BTM

Thu, 29 August 2019

Equal Romanov brings delicious, authentic Russian food to Bahrain. 

Habara Hotel and Restaurant Management, established in 2012, has grown from a single outlet to several renowned dining establishments in its current portfolio. Its success lies in the fact that the company strives to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction along with excellent value for money to its guests. 

The company presents a brand-new restaurant, Equal Romanov, that offers food aficionados in Bahrain the pleasure of savouring some exceptional Russian cuisine. Located in Adliya’s Block 338, the venue has a cosy atmosphere and design, akin to a traditional 19th century Russian house.

The two executive chefs that run the show behind the scenes are native Russians, so you can rest assured that you are sampling the authentic flavours of the northern nation. To begin your meal, choose from hot and cold starters and soup. Salads include the well-known Caesar salad, as well as other options like Roast Beef Salad and Seledka Pod Shuboy, which is a layered tower of herring, boiled potato, eggs, carrots and beetroot.

Main course can be Beef Stroganoff or Chicken Kiev, which are international favourites, or something unique, like Draniki S Mochankoi, which comprises stuffed potato pancakes with beef and onion served with sour cream.

Grills and side dishes are also part of the menu, which ends with a great selection of desserts like Apple Strudel and Romanov Waffle amongst others.

You can also order your chosen Russian delicacies from the restaurant through Talabat, if you want to dine at home. Equal Romanov gives you the perfect opportunity to try out a new cuisine, or to fulfill your cravings for Russian food in Bahrain.

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