A momentous visit

by BTM

Thu, 04 April 2024

A momentous visit

During a recent visit to Canadian School Bahrain (CSB), Shura Council Chairman, His Excellency Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh, lauded the ongoing development and progress of private educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Shura Council Chairman, His Excellency Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh, has praised the commitment of private educational institutions to supporting the education and training system in Bahrain. He highlighted the critical role these institutions play in bolstering efforts aimed at ensuring the sustainability of providing curricula and educational methods of high quality and efficiency.

His Excellency’s tour of CSB was welcomed by the school’s Founder, Abdulghaffar Abdulrahim AlKooheji, the school’s Senior principal, Bill Bartlett, and several school officials. During his tour, he explored the school’s departments, sections, educational and scientific facilities, sports amenities, as well as the school’s library and technological centre. He commended the school’s efforts in creating an advanced educational environment that encourages students to learn and acquire diverse knowledge and sciences.

CSB Academic Principal, Abby Saadeh, provided insights into the school’s BC curriculum, emphasising the focus on critical skills such as coding, and the importance of physical education and Arabic language proficiency. The curriculum’s alignment with modern educational standards and its emphasis on real-world applications was evident throughout the tour, as was the school’s values of integrity, responsibility, respect and courage.

CSB Representatives including Mr. Al Kooheji, Head of the Executive Committee, Mariam Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji, Mr. Bartlett, and CSB Board Member, Mohammed Al Ansari, highlighted the school’s mission. They reiterated its commitment to cultivating students who are academically accomplished and deeply rooted in their cultural identity, with high values of integrity, responsibility, respect, and courage to guide them towards excellence. 

This visit underlines the shared commitment to excellence in education and the development of future generations, with a strong emphasis on the integration of technology, sports and cultural awareness.