App: Inkl

by BTM

Sat, 03 February 2018

Apps Review

What is it?

inkl is an app on a mission to rid readers of clickbait articles, and to curate a stream of news that is trustworthy instead. It displays news that editors think is newsworthy and not because it caters to celebrity rubbish or what will sell ads.


The Good:

You can filter newsrooms that are most important to you so that your feed is always bringing you the articles that you want to read. It’s fast and has a very modern layout that is easy to use and ad-free.


The Bad:

Almost all of the sources are Western, so you don’t get viewpoints and articles from other cultures very often. It’s also English-language-only at the moment, although expansion is planned down the line. Many articles are also behind a paywall (albeit with a minimal charge to subscribe).

Rating: 4 Stars

Verdict: A superb and reliable news source.