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Gadgets | May 2018

by BTM

Thu, 26 April 2018

Gadgets | May 2018

BTM brings you the latest gadgets to push your technological buttons.

HICKIES Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

If you want a quicker and more original way to keep your shoes on your feet then these are perfect for you. They are one-size-fits-all, easy to install, and are made with an elastic memory-fit material that conforms to the feet to provide comfort and support.

Available at www.amazon.com



Mission Enduracool Cooling Wristbands

Another fantastic product from Mission Enduracool, these wristbands are excellent for runners, tennis players, or any other exercise enthusiasts who need a better way to cool down, especially now as the weather gets warmer. All you do is soak it, wring out excess, and snap three times. Repeat and enjoy.

Available at www.menkind.co.uk

BBQ Tool Set

With the weather getting warmer, barbecue season is upon us. Everyone could use this handy barbecue tool set, with 14 stainless steel tools with insulated handles. They’re long-lasting, safe, easy to clean, and come in a striking aluminium carrying case.

Available at www.menkind.co.uk



Bike Phone Holder

This is a simple but handy gadget, enabling you to clamp your phone to your handlebars for easy access. Whether you need it for GPS or music, it’s safe and stylish, and fits virtually any bike and any phone with sturdy plastic construction and rubber phone grips.

Available at www.menkind.co.uk

Tank Speaker

It’s a hardwearing speaker for any lover of the great outdoors. The Tank Speaker is water-resistant, connects via Bluetooth or AUX cable, and has a cool rubberised design with stylish colour-highlight features. You can even use it to answer calls via the internal microphone, and it can provide up to four hours of continuous play.

Available at www.amazon.com



Wraps Wearable Wristband Headphones

A new and funky gadget, providing you with a stylish and practical solution to your tangled headphone issues, these headphones double up as a bracelet. They fit any wrist, come in a variety of colours, and the sound quality is excellent.

Available at www.amazon.com

Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones that are perfect for sports. They are sweatproof, noise-cancelling, and feature a comfortable ear hook to secure them in place during whatever activity you are doing. They offer up to eight hours of music playing and easy to use buttons.

Available at www.thinkgeek.com



Star Wars BBQ Tongs

For the geek inside of us, these Darth Vader lightsaber-shaped tongs come with a heat-resistant red sheath and even make lightsaber sounds. The plastic handle resists heat, but not the dark side.

Available at www.amazon.co.uk


This addictive and incredibly fun gadget consists of strong magnets that can be constructed into any shape imaginable. They are electroplated and corrosion-resistant, antibacterial, and able to lift up to a thousand times their own weight.

Available at www.menkind.com







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