10 'Cool' Things to Do in Bahrain

by BTM

Mon, 24 June 2019

10 'Cool' Things to Do in Bahrain

Here we make sure you never run out of ideas when you’re feeling too active to stay in and watch TV. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or a nerd, an explorer or just someone who likes a fun night out, plain and simple, here are some cool and unique experiences tailored to what you want!

Auto race on a Grand Prix track

Every day on the roads of Bahrain feels like a Fast and Furious action film - which, let’s face it, is not safe. If you agree that racing is fun, but not on the motorway interrupted by honks and rude hand gestures, the Bahrain International Circuit allows speed freaks to race on its tracks on an Open Day without endangering any innocent roadsters! Choose between a full-day, half-day or single-session in either the AM or PM and hit the pedal - safely and padded! To book, call 17 450 000

Photos from https://www.bahraingp.com/experiences/open-track-cars-cfed61da-8e87

Dive into the deep

How easy it is to wear a string of pearls around your neck, or to present one as a gift to a beloved - but wouldn’t it be something else to get into gear, get briefed and plunge yourself into the Gulf waters to hunt for treasure? The value of every pearl is subject to six grades in: size, shape, color, nacre quality, lustre, and surface quality. Regardless of how a pearl grades, each one is a magical and organic creation. After you have collected your share, you can return to the dive site for valuation - you may be able to take yours home. If getting wet isn’t your thing, you can still learn more about the history of pearl diving at the Bahrain National Museum. To hunt for pearls in the Gulf’s seawaters, purchase your ticket online at portal.btea.bh

Photo from http://pearldiving.bh/

Gallery Hopping

Local artists such as Ayesha Al Moayyed and Jamal Abdul Rahim are displaying their works in the international art circuit, thanks to art fairs such as ArtBAB. In Bahrain, local art all but pours out of small galleries and public spaces. To see what has inspired artists of Bahrain, check out these three popular galleries: 

Albareh Art Gallery +973 17717707, Rashid Al-Oraifi Museum+973 1733 5616,  and Bin Matar House +973 17322549.

Photo from https://www.artsy.net/show/albareh-art-gallery-albareh-art-gallery-at-45th-bahrain-annual-fine-arts-exhibition

Day trip to Hawar Islands

What was historically a settlement of Bahraini bedouin tribes in the 19th century is today an uninhabited getaway, offering you a chance to spend a day at the Hawar Beach Hotel using their kayaks, bicycles, swimming pools and waterslides. Overall it makes a great solo, family or social outing to be far from the clutches of every day work and life, instead on the archipelago islands home to herds of Arab bird species. From the hotel you can also book many eco-tours, including the cormorant tour from September-February and view the largest conservatory colony of Socotra cormorants.To book or to arrange transportation, call Hawar Beach Hotel on +973 1764 1666.

Photo from http://hawarbeachhotel.com/facilities/

Levitating Yoga

Experience the benefits of aerial yoga, which is taught with the body supported by yoga swing suspended from the ceiling. The purpose of the swing is to help you go deeper into your practice, in that the free suspension allows you to use more traction to heal physical aches and achieve poses you could not do otherwise. To book, call Namaste Bahrain on +973 17591565. 

Photo from http://www.namastebh.com/uploads/6/2/1/8/6218464/levitation_jun19.pdf

Karaoke nights

Among the many facets of Bahrain’s amazing nightlife is the karaoke scene, which is present in so many locations and allows you to unleash the vocalist from within. Our top picks for karaoke venues are: JJ’s Irish Bar (+973 3384 3005), and Encanto Lounge in Al Safir Hotel (+973 1782 7999) and Celluloid (+973 1601 0160). Make sure to call ahead of arriving to know when karaoke nights are on!  

Go Wakeboarding

Bahrain offers so many options and venues for water sport activities. One such venue, Bahrain Wake, was founded by two enthusiastic wakeboarders who introduced leading, high-performance wakeboard and sports equipment as well as Bahrain’s first and only cable park. You can either bring your own board or rent one for reasonable pricing and you will be provided standard safety equipment to access their parks. There is nothing like a boat-powered water ride, and the more you progress the more you can pick up impressive tricks. The good news is you can start this activity at any age. Bahrain Wake is open in Durrat Al Bahrain and Marassi Beach, contact +973 3229 3881 for more information. 


Unlimited gaming options at Ozone

Bowling, snooker, laser tag, billiards and the list goes on… Relive your childhood fun with your adult stamina and strategy. Great for groups as Ozone - located in Sitra Mall - has large capacities, teaming up and gaming in a visually stunning atmosphere is a must. Ozone’s facilities are open from  10 AM to midnight on weekdays and 10 AM to 2 AM on weekends. Call +973 1712 5162 for more information


An ancient Greek tradition that the Kingdom has inherited, one for pure endurance junkies. Take part in the annually held multisport race run by the Bahrain Triathlon Association (BTA), divided by age groups and organised into swimming, biking and running races. The BTA organises several programmes in collaboration with numerous sports agencies every year and hosts its Grandprix Triathlon Series Race over the course of three weekends. It is a jam-packed experience to partake in, one that everyone should try at least once, and prize money is tempting too! Register at triathlon.bh

Photos from https://triathlon.bh/ Gallery

Azizia Bird Kingdom

Businessman Abdulaziz Jassim Kanoo has housed his impressive collection of over 70 different species and over 500 birds in the carefully controlled Azizia Bird Kingdom kingdom. Here in Bahrain, you can see some of the world’s biggest pigeons, quails from California, parrots from the Amazon and peacocks from java...You might even make a few nearly endangered (!) winged friends. One doesn’t have to be an avid bird watcher to make the most of this experience. You’ll be provided with the educational material to come out of the day an enthusiast of conserving our precious avifauna (and add that to your vocabulary, if you haven’t yet.) 


Photos from https://amwaj.bh/azizia-bird-kingdom 

Enjoy the round-up and remember to never be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. Birdwatching one day and karaoke the next - why not? In a country as small, fun and bustling as Bahrain, you’ll never be able to use the excuse that you didn’t have the opportunity - you do, so seize it.