A Time of Love

by BTM

Sat, 03 February 2018

A Time of Love

The glam rock soul of this brand brings the worlds of men and women closer together in a cool and nonchalant complicity, as seen in these chic timepieces that make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The Just Cavalli 2017 Spring Summer Time and Jewels Collection reflects Cavalli’s commitment to be a unique fashion icon and the ‘leader of the pack’. Embodying the bold, classy and sexy design elements that are a signature of the fashion icon, the collection uses fine materials to create watches and jewellery that bring style and class to every occasion. As a tribute to Cavalli’s heritage and DNA, the various lines – Glam Chic, Rock, Animal, Logo and Relaxed – mirror the versatile nature of Just Cavalli.


Intricately designed with fine-quality materials, the jewellery and watches exude an air of effortless elegance and glamour. Classic, stylish and bold, it’s the perfect choice for a statement piece for all occasions, whether you are going casual or formal, for a day out or for an evening soirée.


Rock, freedom and rebellion have always been at the heart of Just Cavalli. Using lightning as the motif for its jewellery sets and studs for its watches, the playful design and fresh aesthetics add an exuberant feel to the urban wardrobe, which befits the youthful and the sophisticated. Create your own independent style, as you collage the ready-to-wear Rock collection together with your fashion items, to create a unique and edgy look.


This line, that embraces the iconic motif of a snake by Robert Cavalli, symbolises beauty and perpetual youth. The entwining snakes lend an exotic sensuality to the jewellery sets and accentuate a feminine appeal. The watch collection is a tribute to Cavalli’s love for animal prints and combines the use of bright, vibrant fabrics and leather in a way that is bold, intuitive and creative. The distinctive features and striking look of the pieces make it the perfect accessory to spice up a casual outfit, or add that final touch to your party dress.


Daring and colourful, this collection is an embodiment of Just Cavalli not only in its logo and iconic snake motif, but also in its fashion statement. The confidence in mixing different ornaments and styles makes each of the pieces feel sexy, free and contemporary.


Stylish, comfortable and laid back at the same time, this gorgeous line’s masterful designs are classic but with a hint of eccentricity that echoes the Just Cavalli style. For example, the subtle use of snakeskin pattern in the small details adds a spark to the otherwise elegant design of the jewellery. Shades such as brown, bronze, steel, yellow gold and rose gold are easy to wear, and to mix and match with both your business, casual or party attire.

The collections are available in Bahrain at all A La Mode outlets.

Call City Centre Bahrain on 17 179-854, Seef Mall on 17 580-200, Moda Mall on 17 534-646 and Enma Mall on 77 333-555. www.bahrainthismonth.com